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Practicing effective melanoma prevention

Effective prevention of melanoma is two-fold: First, reduce and limit UV (ultraviolet) exposure both from natural sunlight and artificial (e.g., tanning beds) sources; Second, identify and diagnose melanoma as early as possible.

Take note: although research suggests that the majority of melanomas - nearly 90% - are considered to be preventable, research also indicates that neither mucosal melanoma nor ocular melanoma are linked to UV exposure or considered preventable.

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Self-Screening for Melanoma

Don't be shy; melanoma isn't, and finding it early could save your life. To that end, our education team has developed this helpful guide to self-screening. Follow the steps each month and pay attention to moles or spots that change shape, size or color (for more examples, see our ABCDEguide). See something unusual? Make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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